Commercial Solar

Not using Solar Energy For Your Company is a risky Business...

Infinity Solar is a full service commercial solar provider with an experienced team who will make your transition to solar energy seamless. From small businesses to large corporations, nonprofits to residential and everything in between, we have provided solar solutions for every type of client.

Rebates and Incentives for Commercial Solar Projects

With possible rebates from your utility provider, the state and federal government, your business will save up to 30-60% on the cost to install solar panels. Plus, enrolling in a Net Metering buyback program will allow you to sell overproduction back to your utility company locking in even more savings.

Reduce Operating Costs with Solar Energy

Tired of seeing profits disappear to pay your company’s energy bills? Install solar panels for your business with Infinity to reduce operating costs and invest the savings back into your business. With commercial solar energy, you will see your fixed Levelized Cost of Energy remain low while your profits grow. Even when traditional energy costs rise! Additionally, our reliable solar energy systems are backed by warranties that guarantee solar savings for far into the future.

Stand Out Against the Competition

Today’s consumer is looking to purchase from a company with a conscience. A solar panel installation highlights your company as a green organization that is dedicated to the environment. Join many other sustainable businesses and go solar with Infinity Solar today.



Ballasted Roof Mount System in North Texas. This system is great for flat roofs because it is weighted and there is no need to put holes in or penetrate the roof whatsoever.

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